Some feedback on my PS topic/structure- Is it acceptable?

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Some feedback on my PS topic/structure- Is it acceptable?

Postby WiltyMIZ » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:54 pm

Hey y'all

So first, I have to say that I have very mediocre grades. Second, I have very little worthwhile "struggle" or "insurmountable challenge that I overcame" to write about here. Im just a very very very average, non-URM applicant.

THAT being said, I was thinking about writing about my experiences in bodybuilding. I went from 205 pounds down to 172 with 6% BF. I ended up taking 3rd in my first show. But thats a bit irrelevant. However, I was planning on describing the brutal routine that I dedicated myself to for the 5 months prior, as well as kind of touch on my thoughts as I went through it. I want the underlying message of the statement to reflect that whenever I find something I'm passionate about, I give my heart, soul, and body to it. I want it to allude the fact that, although my grades are poor, I was never truly passionate about my major (I'm your standard, "didn't know what I wanted to do so I picked business and I hate it" kind of guy). Further, when it comes to a career path that I actually have significant vested interest in, my work ethic will carry me throughout the challenges presented (I'd include why I wish to pursue law and why that, unlike my undergraduate education, it truly interests me).

I'm not sure if that makes total sense, but I was just interested in seeing if something like this would even be viable. Again, I can't really think of any huge obstacles/struggles/profound experiences that would be applicable to the statement, so currently I am just looking for an interesting/somewhat unique experience that could be crafted into a personal statement with at least some kind of impact.

As always, thanks in advance for any advice you guys can provide.

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Re: Some feedback on my PS topic/structure- Is it acceptable?

Postby Mr. Archer » Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:04 pm

I have very little worthwhile "struggle" or "insurmountable challenge that I overcame"

Not a requirement to get into law school.

I think you can write about your experience to show you know how to work hard and dedicate yourself to something. It's a sports topic, but I think it's worthwhile because it's not a common one like basketball and cross-country that a lot of people use. I wouldn't touch on the poor grades though. Saying you have poor grades because you don't like your major isn't good. It comes off like you have poor judgment by not putting thought into your major or switching majors/are lazy unless you're doing something you like/didn't care enough about your grades to work hard regardless of whether you liked it. Being in law school/being a lawyer means working hard on things that suck and don't interest you. I think you can say why law school interests you and, like your body building experience, you know you'll put in the work to succeed. The comparison isn't necessary.

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