GPA ademdum

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GPA ademdum

Postby theorangewon » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:44 pm

Background: My lSAC GPA stands at a 3.00, not counting 9 hours of A over the summer and what I expect to be 12 hours of A this semester. My GPA from my previous school is substantially lower than that, around a 2.85 or so. I expect an LSAT in the 164-166 range, I took it this September. I had a bad year in which I struggled in school with alcohol, mild depression, and wasn't mature enough to handle these issues like the adult I am now. I transferred schools, have consistently gotten good grades in challenging upper-level classes, and don't think my overall GPA is an accurate characterization of my potential in law school. My letters of recommendation are from professors at the school I transferred to and indicate very strongly that I like to work hard, am a good student, etc.

This is my addendum I plan to send to schools along with my personal statement. I am hoping to have some feedback on it.

Shortly before my third year of undergraduate study at ****, my grandfather died suddenly of medical issues related to stomach ulcers. A number of weeks later, during the school year, my father began having many of the same medical issues that caused the death his father. These issues persisted for some time, took my attention away from school, and I received a 1.5 GPA for the year.
Although I accept that my cumulative LSAC GPA is an accurate characterization of my undergraduate career as a whole, I strongly believe that my 3.8 GPA from the**** is more representative of my potential student in law school.

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Re: GPA ademdum

Postby ArtistOfManliness » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:59 pm

FWIW, for my GPA addendum I let my post-shit GPA speak for itself. I also suggest turning the poor academic performance into some sort of learning opportunity from which you have grown as a person.

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