Possible PS Topic (Feedback Appreciated!)

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Possible PS Topic (Feedback Appreciated!)

Postby shannonmk » Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:51 pm

Hi, everybody. I've been a longtime lurker on TLS but as I'm starting to prepare my applications for the fall, I anticipate that I'll actually start posting now!

I've been working on my personal statement on and off for a few weeks now, but I'm looking for some feedback on the topic I've chosen. I'm writing about my experiences with social anxiety (for lack of a better term -- mainly, I've had major difficulties with speaking in public, even in class; etc.). I've opened the piece with a little "vignette" about a research colloquium I participated in last semester, before segueing into an explanation of how I never thought I could have done it because of the trouble I had with things like that in high school and earlier in college. I'm planning on discussing how law school always seemed too intimidating to me precisely because of my lack of confidence/anxiety but how experiences like that research presentation (and other classes) have really demonstrated that I can challenge myself and succeed.

Thoughts? I haven't finished writing yet, and I am very open to suggestions/criticisms.


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Re: Possible PS Topic (Feedback Appreciated!)

Postby 34iplaw » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:04 pm

The horse says, "Neigh!"

I think it's fine to do the research colloquium and how you triumphed over your social anxieties, but I wouldn't then touch it off with tepidness towards law school or self-doubt. If you overcame your social anxiety for your research colloquium, you outgrew your social anxiety for all intents and purposes. Leave it at that IMO.

You could start with the research colloquium and, perhaps, there was someone speaking there who struggled much like you thought you would [or you had in the past]. You grew a lot from this. You grew so much that you now know you can handle anything. No doubt lingered in your mind afterwords.

Overall, it's a bit vague and hard to judge. It'll really come down to how you try to package it. Avoid listing achievements or something that comes off very much as a cover letter - i.e. I have fantastic research and oratory skills as exemplified during my participation in this colloquium on some arcane or narrow topic.

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