Diversity Statement Help!

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Diversity Statement Help!

Postby AlexandraHope » Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:57 am

So, I figured I can at least start on my Diversity Statement since I would like to turn in my application in November. I will hopefully be a splitter. Does anybody have any topics suggestions or ideas for me, I am African American. Even though I was raised in a single parent home, I am lower-middle class (mom's a teacher). My father's a doctor (retired). Therefore, I am not a first generation. Although I was raised in the suburbs, I was raised in a city that was predominantly black, so I never was faced with a situation where I was called an "oreo" or anything like that.

I was thinking about talking about one of these two topics:
1.)Growing up dark skinned. Since my mom and sister were fairly light I was often the outsider and was often questioned whether or not I was adopted
2.) Adapting- my original home time is virtually all black (99%), the city I moved to was also predominantly black about (75%), now I attend a school where for the first time I am the minority, and this summer I'll be studying in a city that's about 90% white...f

As you can see, my ideas are really nonexistent. So does anybody have in ideas/suggestions/ help?

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Re: Diversity Statement Help!

Postby LawsRUs » Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:49 pm

Hey. Can you think of any specific instances where you felt as though your opportunities were limited because you lived in a neighborhood that was shaped by a history of segregation/discrimination? You might have to do some research on the kinds of policies and practices that were put into place by your local government that directed resources out of these areas, which then led to housing concentration and racialized spaces. If you can, I would pursue it as a potential idea that you might want to write about. I hope that helped, but I don't really know the specific details of your situation.

Eta: If you are in CA, I can give you that history via pm.

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