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Need Help Reviewing - Thank you!

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I grew up in a small Texas town with three stoplights. One of those rural places that most people pass through without giving it a second glance. For me, it is home.
I come from a family of farmers and ranchers. At an early age, I learned the meanings of the words commitment, discipline, and responsibility. There were many days spent assisting my family with manual duties such as supplying animals with food, providing veterinary care, and repairing broken fences and equipment. I also got to see the financial side of things by paying attention to commodity futures prices, attending livestock auctions, and understanding basic accounting concepts that are needed to maintain a well ran business. At the time, the tasks that I carried out seemed meaningless and monotonous. However, the life lessons that I learned established a foundation of hard work and dedication. This, along with the struggles that I saw my parents go through because of their lack of college educations, drove me to achieve higher educational aspirations for myself.
Financially, I did not think that a college education would ever be feasible. My parents had to sell a portion of their farm after my dad contracted a disease called Brucellosis. To make ends meet, my mother obtained her nursing degree, but ultimately the financial issues that they faced in years following was a large factor into their divorce when I was sixteen years old. Nonetheless, through academic scholarships and part-time work in high school and college, I was able to achieve my dream of receiving my bachelor’s degree.
My passion for wanting to attend law school was first inspired by -----., one of my management professors at ----- University. Before teaching, she had practiced as a medical malpractice defense attorney and also in family law. I was very intrigued by her stories and it spurred me to learn more about the judicial system. I decided to broaden my academic knowledge by obtaining minors in business administration and history, as well as to join law school organizations on campus. My last semester of college I applied and was selected to be a part of the -----program at ----- University. I spent my last semester of college interning on Capitol Hill for Congressman John R. Carter, a former judge in Williamson County. My experience in his office in Washington D.C. gave me an opportunity to learn about the complex dynamics between law and political policies.
After college, I was employed as a Project Manager for a company that specialized in manufacturing equipment for industrial environments. In conjunction with the company, I was able to work and go to school full-time through an online master’s program. However, due to the relocation of the company headquarters, my position in Texas was terminated, but I was able to work for two months during the transition in South Carolina. I decided to use the work ethics that my parents instilled in me and increased my course load so that I could graduate early. I wanted to finish my classes in order to achieve a reputable position that would be applicable to my degree. Juggling a strenuous schedule of traveling back and forth between Texas and South Carolina and keeping up with my classes taught me an extreme amount of discipline and maturity.
Since the completion of my degree, I have been employed in the accounting sector of a corporation where I work with companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as with retail convenience stores. Due to my educational background and employment history, I have a great interest to study business law. I believe that my experience with sales, reviewing contracts, and keeping track of various types of assets would be helpful for me to succeed in this area. I have chosen to apply to your program because I believe that the tradition, location, history, and expertise of the faculty at ----- would ultimately be the best fit for me.
In closing, my upbringing and life experiences have given me the tools to persevere through any obstacles in life. I believe that my determination and willingness to learn will help me to achieve success in my pursuit of a law degree. My personal characteristics, moral values, academic achievements, professional knowledge, and life experiences would make me a great candidate for law school. Given the chance to study law, I believe that an education at ----- will provide me with a successful and fulfilling career. I hope that you will allow me the opportunity to continue my education and I trust that I would be an asset to your program.

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