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Re: Motives/Story/sales pitch

Postby hillz » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:01 am

mist4bison wrote:I decided to be nicer in my response...

I think this PS focuses on too many different elements and doesn't really come off as positive. You should focus on one specific aspect/story rather than telling a life story. I also didn't find you very relatable or likeable when reading the PS. The idea that your fathers death was harder for you than him made me cringe a little. Your discussion of how you realize you didn't struggle, but you still hated feeling pity made me hate you just a little bit. Being poor as a teenager is a disappointment, not a challenge. I read you quitting the army and admitting it wasn't honorable as you being, well, a quitter.

As someone above said, show don't tell. I however would not use any of this as a diversity statement. Having a sick father is sad, no doubt, but I wouldn't call it a diversity. Maybe I'm mistaken there or maybe it's just the way I expect you to write about it based upon this draft.

ETA: You literally end with "Oh, and I have a daughter. She's why I want to go to law school." Why would you not make your PS about her then? Jesus..

Yeah, I wouldn't write about the sick dad in the diversity statement, but for example, lots of people write about how having served in the military would allow them to bring a different perspective to the classroom. Alaird, look at MS9's thread for more on diversity statements. Karen B. has said a lot about them there and it might help you have a better understanding of a DS & whether or not you want to discuss any parts of your background in one.

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Re: Motives/Story/sales pitch

Postby El Pollito » Sat May 23, 2015 9:35 am

starry eyed wrote:
fats provolone wrote:hypothetically, if you were to kill yourself, what would happen to your trust fund?

two year old daughter gets it

seems real

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Re: Motives/Story/sales pitch

Postby starry eyed » Sat May 23, 2015 9:36 am

LOL chicken, how long did it take you to dig up this gem

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