Should I write an additional essay??

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Should I write an additional essay??

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:40 pm

Hi all, I have already finished applying to law schools and most of them are completed/or ready for review (via status checker).

I have sent
1. GPA Addendum
2. Diversity Statement
3. Resume
4. Personal Statement
5. 2 LORs (3 LOR for schools that do accept up to 3)

but should I also write "why x law school" essay?
how much impact does this additional essay have?
is it worth writing at all?
(if i do plan on writing, then i would email it as an attachment to the schools)

any advice will be greatly appreciated.
thanks so much.

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Re: Should I write an additional essay??

Postby JAG Dog » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:16 am

I think it probably won't hurt, as long as your reason for attending is a good one and you can illustrate it through the new essay. I think the people reviewing your app will be different from those checking off boxes and compiling, so if it hasn't actually been reviewed, they probably won't notice the new addition. If you think they've already read it, I think it's still not a bad idea, since it shows continued desire to be there. To be clear, we are talking about schools that specifically ask for an optional "why x law school" essay, right. 'Cause if not, then no.

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