Resume question on 'Education' for Transfer Students....

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For resumes should I put 1)'Transferred' Date or 2) Leave what is to the left dates blank?

1. Transferred Date
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2. Leave blank
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Resume question on 'Education' for Transfer Students....

Postby Aspire1L » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:49 am


As the title suggests, my question for all of you TLSers is: What do I put instead of graduation date on the right-justified side of the college name/institution, if I transferred from state community college into my 4-yr. undergrad?

I'm considering putting down "Transferred 200x" to the left of the 'Dates of Attendance' - thoughts on this idea? OR do I just put the dates and leave whatever's to the left of them blank?

While i'm aware of the relative ordering (lol) in putting it down in the proper chronological format (i.e. putting it after the institution I received my bachelor's), I would like to know the proper entry in lieu of the graduation/etc.

Your input or advice will be held in high regard, :wink:

(Seriously - it will be appreciated)

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