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Re: C+F Addendum

Postby Zaffy » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:18 pm

Anonymous User wrote:Hey everyone, here's my conduct addendum, an underage drinking incident in my freshman year. Please let me know what you think of it and if you think it'll wreck my chances at law schools. Thanks!

The Inter-Residence Hall Association at the University of Florida cited me with underage consumption of alcohol in December 2009, during the fall semester of my freshman year. The resident assistant of my dormitory found me heavily under the influence of alcohol in my dormitory floor’s common room as he was conducting his evening rounds and filled out an incident report. I was transported to the Shands Hospital, was found to be in a stable condition after a hospital evaluation, and discharged a few hours later. I plead guilty to the charge in an informal hearing with an IRHA administrator. Afterward, I spoke to an IRHA administrator in an informal hearing and plead guilty to the charge. My sentence was conduct probation for one academic semester and a requirement to speak to a counselor concerning my alcohol consumption. I abided by the terms of my punishment and discussed my alcohol consumption in detail with a counselor who was specialized in alcohol related incidents. I was removed from probation at the start of the following academic semester and remained in good standing with the University of Florida for the rest of my undergraduate career. My record was destroyed upon my graduation from the University of Florida. I regret my activities that evening and believe that I have learned from the incident.

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