GPA Addendum

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GPA Addendum

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:22 pm

Hey guys, made this GPA addendum, even though my gpa is good (3.71), I had one terrible semester which broughout it down to even the level that it currently is, it's a 3.95 w/o the semester lol. Rip it apaert please, or lmk if a gpa addendum is even worth writing in my situation, thanks. :mrgreen:

My academic performance during the spring semester of 2010 is not indicative of my undergraduate career. As a college freshman entering my spring semester, I felt that I could handle an extremely heavy course load. Although advised against doing so, I naïvely believed that this particular course set would not be problematic for me, given my academic success in high school. As a spring semester freshman, I struggled immensely with both the time pressure and academic ethic that these courses required. As a result of not being able to fully devote myself to any of these courses, given that several of the courses, financial accounting, survey of calculus 1 and principles of macroeconomics, were ones that I found difficult, I performed poorly in the semester. Following Spring 2010, I learned how to better manage my time and study in a more effective manner. Thus, my grades improved considerably during my sophomore year and continued to be maintained at a high level of performance throughout the rest of my time as an undergraduate student.

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Re: GPA Addendum

Postby rinkrat19 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:27 pm

Don't include this. You don't have a legit excuse, and you're trying to explain away what is still a high GPA. This doesn't do anything except make you look neurotic.

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