Internal Inconsistencies in App

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Internal Inconsistencies in App

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:48 pm

Hi all- I submitted my application to a (T7, not Yale) law school recently. It's a school that I'm competitive at based solely on numbers.

Upon reviewing it, I noticed that the "work experience" section of the app had internal inconsistencies compared to the resume. Nothing big, but things were a few months off. This wasn't intentionally or even unintentionally deceptive, but there were things like starting part-time at places (before going FT), where on the "work experience" section I started when I got the job and started part-time but the resume is only full-time, for instance. Same with things like volunteer experience.

Also a few mistakes- like the date of starting my University was off by a semester, that I didn't catch.

My assumption is that schools mostly look at the LSDAS score report, the resume, and the PS. My assumption is they don't analyze the "work experience" part of the application, since it's all in the resume anyway, and that's why many schools don't even have this section. I think there's a good chance this won't even be caught, and sending a correction would only call attention to it.

Is my assumption correct, or is it wishful thinking and I need to do something about this?

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