Second Draft- work related

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Second Draft- work related

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:18 pm

You guys were a huge help with my first draft of this essay! Here is my second draft, any feedback would be great

thanks again for taking time to help out us desperate applicants!

A few miles off [famous street] lies XX, a movie studio that finally made X’s “Hollywood [region]” reputation official. This building is completely state of the art: brand new sound stages, editing rooms, audition studios, and really anything else that a film crew could need. The Django Unchained crew had just wrapped up its time in XX when I started working there. Unfortunately, not all film production jobs are created equal, and my position found itself on the receiving end of jokes for being the only boring one in the building.

The company I worked for is a startup called ###, an online marketplace for buying and selling tax credits. My boss chose XX as its headquarters because of the studio’s ties with his business: “Hollywood [region]” is a product of generous tax credits in [state], which are tradable. Sellers get cash for their credits, and buyers receive credits at a discount to apply to their tax returns, and film companies are major sellers in the market. And so my first professional experience introduced me to the often-convoluted world of tax law as a [xx Intern], preparing reports on the tax regulations specific to different states.

When I was with my friends I had to pretend that I hated the work. To them, I was a finance and economics student who was wasting my time at a job that required skills relevant to neither subject. While my peers were trying desperately to secure summer internships on Wall Street or the Federal Reserve, my choice seemed to come out of left field: I was going to continue working with taxes. They are not as glamorous as stocks, or as consistent as bonds, but they do have a place in the greater financial picture, and that is what I wanted to explore. So the next job I took introduced me to real estate tax liens, which when purchased at an auction and collected on can offer huge returns. Another experience, another business opportunity hidden underneath tax law.

In both cases I had coworkers who were JD students. They would share stories of what law school is actually like, and more importantly, walk me through the process of cutting through dense, dry tax law texts. And while they did most of the heavy lifting when legal stakes were high, I was able to contribute my experience as a finance student to make the relationship somewhat symbiotic. For instance, while at ###, the Company was planning a national expansion, and I was of little help with the legal steps that had to be made. Instead I helped by isolating which states made the most business sense to enter first, based on existing tax credit markets. It was a blend of business and law in the real world, a valuable experience for me as a student, and something I consider a personal milestone.

I am still surprised that I got drawn into the field of taxes. Early on in my education I wrote off fields like accounting for being too boring, and tax documents are not exactly page-turners either. But I ultimately consider my time working them to be when I first considered a legal education for myself. I had been studying finance for three years, and after less than one year working with legal concepts my perspective on the subject had grown. And now as I prepare to have an entire legal education at my disposal, I am excited for that trend to continue.
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Re: Second Draft- work related

Postby t-14orbust » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:20 pm

As I look forward to having an entire legal education at my disposal, I am excited for that trend to continue

alternatively: Looking forward to having an entire legal education...

edit: who knows, maybe I suck at writing

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Re: Second Draft- work related

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:59 am

bump...appreciate any feedback!

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