Request for PS Critique - Bicultural Paralegal

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Request for PS Critique - Bicultural Paralegal

Postby doing_it_in_a_car » Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:33 pm

Down for editing. Thanks for your feedback, matthewsean.
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Re: Request for PS Critique - Bicultural Paralegal

Postby Ramius » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:28 pm

The middle part about your upbringing doesn't fit well in this statement, even though you tie it into your ideas on plurality. The best way to approach this topic IMO is to display the contrast in needs between clients, how that plurality affected your mindset in the matter, how you analyzed both your beliefs on the matter and how the attorneys analyzed it, and how this exposure to diametrically opposed needs makes you want to get into a career in the law. It won't be particularly glamorous, it won't make an ADCOM emotionally connect with you, but what it can do that some PS fail in miserably is demonstrating your ability to be completely analytical of your thoughts, your positions, other positions, and issues that seem impassable. I'd personally believe in you as an applicant more because you successfully articulate a situation, how you approached it, analyzed it and moved forward after that analysis than with what you've done here.

I tend to lean toward the personal connection that can be made with an ADCOM through the PS, but that was more my strength. I think your strength will lie in showing your ability in analytics. Usually I tell people to show great passion and conviction, but in this case I think you might be better served being more of a detached dispassionate.

What you can't lose in this method is how you factor into it. This PS still needs to be about you. Make abundantly clear that you, this living, breathing, thoughtful applicant approached this topic. Don't make it about the topic. Make it about you in the topic. That's where I believe you'll find success.

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