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Re: My PS was bad, so I made a new one. Is this a better tack?

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Anonymous User wrote:It is likely thatthe person who made me want to be a lawyer does may not remember me. (also how is this relevant to you getting into law school?) I met him during a summer internship focused on sleep research at Brown University. (also contains redundant details. this is law, not medicine) I was living in East Providence with three roommates in a rundown apartment I found on craigslist. One of them had a friend named C.who had just finished his first year at BU Law. He had an internship at a local firm and would spend spent his evenings in our apartment before heading back to Boston for the night. (no awkward tenses)I was curious about his work and one day he talked to me about it at length and showed me a case file.

you need to be more concise. this is a ps, not fiction. get to the point. law school admins will not take more than a few minutes to read it. what i have up there is approximately how much they will read if your numbers aren't fantastic.

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