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Re: Reasonable PS story?

Postby persimmon » Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:36 pm

This sounds kind of boring as you have it structured now. You need to lead with a story, if you can. Do you have a specific experience that exemplifies why econ was so exciting and solid job prospects alone weren't enough? Make sure you can do this in a way that will sound sophisticated and not naive if your reader is an expert in either econ or information systems, and without insulting information systems as a field. Then you can tell the parallel story of how you're now again drawn to a field you find more intellectually interesting. Note: As a non-expert, I do not automatically believe that econ and law are inherently more intellectual than information systems. You will have to convince me why they are a) similar to each other and different from IS, and b) better suited to you personally.

Alternately, forget college. Sometimes the recent past is more interesting. Tell us a story about life in your current job and why you yearn for cyber-security law.

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