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Have you even taken the LSAT?


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I don't know see why you're DESPERATE. You could write a PS just from this information alone. The truth is, if you are "I am dead set on getting into law school," you really shouldn't need help with the topic - talk about why you're dead set on law school. I'm not saying you're inconsistent, I'm just saying work with what you know you have and you seem to have a good amount already.

Talk about either
1. having been on BOTH SIDES of the law at such a young age had sparked an interest in helping other youth, youth criminal defense
2. interested in personal injuries since my mother has been the center of 2 such cases

Try just writing it in the following ways
1. Describe these events factually in as much detail as possible
2. Describe the personal impacts these events had on you, in as much detail as possible
3. Describe how these led you to pursue law, in as much detail as possible.
4. See if you like what you have. Think about it for couple days, and if not, repeat 1-3 with a different topic.
5. If you do like it, then recognize exactly what are the core elements in each of above (facts, impacts, tie into law)
6. Do a MASSIVE shortening of facts. Cut EVERYTHING that you can cut while preserving the integrity of your core message.
7. Adjust what you have left over to the space left. Some prompts want to learn about you as a person. If this is the case, focus on impacts and your reaction/growth/maturity/betterment/transcendence. Some prompts want to hear about why you're applying to law schools. If this is the case, dedicate considerable space onto how this experience ties into law.

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