Help with transfer PS - IP related

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Help with transfer PS - IP related

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Essentially what I'm trying to say is that I started with an interest in IP law, took steps to cultivate that interest in a professional setting, and now seek to transfer to a school that will allow me to break into an IP attorney career. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here goes:

At a weekly staff meeting, I learned that our company had been severely lacking in patenting our new inventions. The company had been pushing to increase awareness of the importance of securing our intellectual property, but it just was not gaining traction. Our sister divisions were producing five times the number of patent applications as we were, and our competitors ten times the number of that. The real shock was that the disparity in patent applications was not directly proportional to the amount of new technology we were generating.

As a result, I took a personal interest in raising intellectual property awareness and improving our IP strategy across the company. I volunteered my time to assist engineers with submitting invention disclosures and led multiple learning sessions for identifying possible patentable technology. Additionally, I approached our in-house IP Counsel and offered to assist in any way I could. I began to perform third-party patent clearance searches, assisted outside patent attorneys in performing patentability assessments, and managed the invention disclosure portfolio for a major development program. Furthermore, I became the youngest member of our Patent Review Committee where we review invention disclosures submitted and determine the overall patent strategy. As a result, I can proudly say I played a substantial role in helping our business unit generate over 700 more patent applications in 2009 than in 2008.

Through my work with our IP Counsel, I developed a strong interest in intellectual property law and the business-strategy that goes with it. As a result, I decided to take on another challenge by sitting for the United States Patent and Trademark Office registration exam. After spending ten months of my own time studying for the exam, my hard work and determination paid off and I became a registered patent agent.

Last fall, I took one step closer to becoming an intellectual property attorney by enrolling in law school. I greatly enjoyed my first year of law school at [old law school]. The relationships I developed with my fellow classmates will be unforgettable long after the transfer process is complete, but I cannot let sentiment stand in the way of my career goals.

I am confident that [new school's] intellectual property culture can help me become an effective intellectual property attorney. Through the [IP related courses], I will hone my legal research and writing skills as well as develop my ability to research and draft legal documents, advise clients on intellectual property strategy, and provide transactional services. These skills can then be applied to the [entrepreneurship related clinic], where I will develop my ability to interface with clients and build my professional network.

The combination of [new law school's] reputation in intellectual property, geographic location in my target market, and part-time program would be a perfect match for me. I seek to leverage my background and past work experience by joining an intellectual property law firm in the [target market] area while attending law school part-time in the evening. Through the combination of classroom and experiential practice, I will be able to gain real world experience while attending a top law school by night, and will be immediately effective after graduation.


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Re: Help with transfer PS - IP related

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