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Need revision of 2nd draft of PS

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:25 pm
by Zyzz45
I am also willing to edit your PS as well. Thank you!

“ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- Lao Tzu

It is this ancient Chinese proverb that best exemplifies my journey to this stage of my life.This past year in my international business class an interesting project was assigned to me. It gave me the opportunity to research within the boundaries of international business, specifically within the growth of the Telemedicine sector between the United States and Mexico. This research paper was new and daunting to me because I had to navigate through ambiguity in order to pass the criteria to have my research published by the instructor,Amar Gupta,one of my recommenders, who has published well into the hundreds of research publications . I had no prior experience for this project as my background is well versed in accountancy and technical subjects rather than broad open ended projects such as this . I had to exercise new skills such as reading through convoluted dense research publications from sources such as World Health Organization, United Nations, and The World Bank. In addition, I had to gather the large disparate amount of information and determine how it would best fit to introduce my research to educated readers on the subject of telemedicine. The majority of my primary sources came from PubMed and LexiNexis search engines. I also conducted secondary research such as contacting private hospital corporations that specifically service American customers that seek affordable medical care down south.

This was a challenging project for me as I don’t have any prior experience or knowledge about this particular endeavor. Through diligence, determination, and constant revisions my efforts culminated in the publication of my 32 page research report once it met the criteria set by the Gupta. It is this skill of analytical reading and writing in ambiguous, new environments that enabled me to succeed in future classes such as Audit that required me to read accounting standards daily and analyze them in regards to specific case studies such as the Enron scandal and the recent financial crisis.

I am very proud to accomplish this milestone as it was a very arduous, intellectually draining task for me to engage. The experience was very enjoyable and challenged me more than the accounting world did. The research paper, which the entire grade of the course was based on, enlightened me of new crucial strengths that I was not aware that I possessed. It is this experience and further experiences in school and work that led me to my pursuit of a legal career. Being an accounting major, from my improved work in group projects and concise reading of ways to apply certain accounting stands to situations, many colleagues advised me to switch focus from public accounting to law. I had always entertained the thought and planned on perhaps achieving it later when I would have several years of experience in the industry. However, one abrupt situation where I had to engage in a legal dispute with my landlord over utility charges, really pushed me towards a legal career immediately. Through the skills I realized from the research endeavor, I successfully settled with my landlord over a way to split the utility subcharge after examining the tenant lease, contacting local public utilities for a line by line breakdown of the bills, and discovering that some material information was omitted from the lease thereby leading to a settlement. After this occurred, I knew I had found a great career for myself and went with my instinct and deferred my admission for the Masters of Accounting Program at my Alma Mater.

I enjoy the analytical and critical thinking skills such as reading and writing. The legal work challenges me to think like I had to in the research paper by interpreting new vast amounts of information, and is very stimulating work that I enjoy. My aspirations are to work in international law hopefully as a consular officer for the US State Department. The service aspect of law is very appealing to me, as a Buddhist it is a factor that drives me to success and fits my personality better than databases management or programming would as I did before in Accounting.

Re: Need revision of 2nd draft of PS

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:12 pm
by Zyzz45
anyone interested? if so I would greatly appreciate it and can read yours if you want. Thanks

Re: Need revision of 2nd draft of PS

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:28 pm
by vanwinkle
Nuked for ban evasion, being an alt of this asshole.