Personal Statement - Third but not last draft

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Personal Statement - Third but not last draft

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(Please be tough on everything ! Thanks!)

My eyes lost focus as I put the finishing touches on the tile grout. This tedious project extended longer than I had expected, as many of the do-it-yourself endeavors had throughout this, my first, property rehabilitation project. One final movement and it was done. I stood, brushed myself off, and glanced at the time - 3:34 am. A double check of my to do list confirmed my relief, no longer was this the uninhabitable house I had entered just a few weeks ago, but instead a final product that could now be called home to another loving family. I surveyed the results of my hard work, planning, budgeting, and risky entrepreneurial business strategy. I had encountered the obstacles of being an 18 year old business owner and the risks of attending school full time while doing so and now reaped the rewards.
I have spent my life seizing opportunities and taking risks, some have paid off and many have not. Regardless of my success or failure in each pursuit, I have grown substantially from each. After a couple projects in my business with disappointing returns, I determined achieving a real estate license would maximize the potential of my entrepreneurial ventures. I excelled in an intensive three week session and began to read extensively into the intricacies of the market and delve into the details of how the recent real estate bubble had impacted so many of my neighbors. Touched by the stories of so many forced into foreclosure or to sell their homes for less than their mortgage balance, I began working with buyers and renters recovering from these tough situations. I studied the intricate legal, lending, and market environments in depth and consulted, educated, and helped struggling clients and their first time homebuyer counterparts over the long term to thrive in the difficult market. It was not the most profitable strategy but I filled a huge need in my market and was proud of my service.
In direct contradiction to my active compassion for those adversely hurt by the crash, I also saw the opposite point of view of those jilted by non-paying residents. As the individual responsible for renting out properties I struggled with a couple not paying from the beginning of their lease. A couple months leniency and a few bounced checks later I subdued my sympathy, filed eviction papers, appeared in court, and, upon a favorable judgment, secured a garnishment for thousands of dollars back rent. Aiding the disadvantaged and the not so disadvantage, it is with a balance of pragmatism and compassion that I approach life, business and the law. It is to satisfy my practical curiosity that I succeeded in challenging business course work in my undergraduate work and my passion for balancing profits with social justice that I excelled in law classes.
Real Estate is a heavily regulated industry and the counterbalance turning the gears of the economy. Playing a role in a market of great recent consequence I have gained a unique perspective to share my business experiences with classmates and to apply to my studies and future career. Learning the importance of legal knowledge in such a complex environment to aid the disadvantaged in complicated circumstances, has given me a drive to pursue the wealth of understanding inaccessible to me, and therefore those I may consult regarding such issues, without a law school education. The entrepreneurial spirit that has permeated my work and academic pursuits will continue to drive me to pursue progress and innovation. It may be harder and riskier my way; however, like real estate drives the economy, I desire to be a catalyst for growth. By way of the unique knowledge afforded by a JD for your esteemed school I will be able to spur economic prosperity with my work in my future career.

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