Pigeon-holing? : Focusing too much on your own race?

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Pigeon-holing? : Focusing too much on your own race?

Postby yong1ekim » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:52 pm

I am curious of what others think about this...

Many of us write our PS's or DS's on our multiculturalism. We focus on our skills (bilingual, trilingual, etc...), or focus on specific experiences growing up as a member of race X. But where is the fine line drawn when doing this? Is there a fine line?

I for one really want to take as much advantage of my foreign language skills as possible when I practice in the future...

The free trade pact in 2011 opened the South Korean market for many US Law firms. A lot of biglaw firms like Cleary
and Paul Hastings have opened or already plan on opening firms in Seoul. That said, I am extremely interested in foreign legal counsel positions after graduation (probably at least after 2 or so years of experience in States).

Would I be pigeon-holing myself if I expressed these desires to the adcomm? I don't want to come across as only wanting to serve a group I am comfortable in serving or have some inherent connection to but then again, it is one of the goals I have for myself as I contemplate law school...

Are any of you guys thinking about law schools/choosing law schools with the intent to serve a specific community?


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