Perspectives on a potentially risky personal statement

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Perspectives on a potentially risky personal statement

Postby canarykb » Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:34 pm

Hey all, I'm on the PS swap too, but individual posts seem to be getting more feedback, feel free to send me your PS to edit as well!

I've been told that my personal statement might be a risky bet, and I'm looking for other opinions. The topic is reproductive rights. I understand that it's heated politically, but it is an issue I care passionately about and I tried to handle it here in a particularly nonpartisan way. It's also a somewhat "creative" essay.

There are definitely some wordings I need to change and another pass to make on it (feel FREE to edit any grammar or awk wordings) but I'm mostly looking at whether this will be too big of risk? For some background, I have a 176 and 3.7 and have been working for 2 years post grad. I'm applying mostly t14 and am hoping/thinking I have a shot at many of them (besides the big guns).

PM me and I'll send you my statement! I would love any and all feedback!

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Re: Perspectives on a potentially risky personal statement

Postby Mr. Elshal » Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:50 am

I'm in the application process now too (maybe we can do a PS swap once I finish a decent first-draft of my PS). The advice I've generally been getting is to stay away from any controversial topic- even if you can handle it objectively, because you never know who will be reading your PS and how they will take it. It might be worth the risk if the PS is very well-written and displays much of who you are outside of an academic or educational setting, but I think it would have to be really really good to overshadow the potential opinions of the admissions offices where you apply.

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