Inquiry on PS topic: overcoming adversity vs. job exp?

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Inquiry on PS topic: overcoming adversity vs. job exp?

Postby Doovyhan » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:28 am


I have been pondering over my PS topic for weeks now, and I think it's about time I explicitly seek out for some help from the brilliant minds of TLS. I am an international applicant with BA degree from US private university, aiming for Top 14 (ideally) but more realistically Top 25.

Topic 1 is to begin with a car accident that happened to me when I was a freshman in college, which created a huge financial pressure for me and eventually propelled me to graduate early. I graduated a 4-yr university (top 15 in the nation) within 5 semesters by taking maximum number of credits every semester and attaining credits over summer as well. I was a class of 2011 who graduated in Dec. 2009. I think this topic, if I pull it off successfully, can be one of those 'overcoming adversity' essay. But at the same time, the topic itself has its obvious downside.

Topic 2 is to begin with my job experience at an organization that I worked for which provided me the primary motivation for going to a law school. The organization pertained to the protection of human rights of sexual minorities in my native country. Although it was the very experience that made me come thus far, the position I held in the organization wasn't very impressive, and it's not necessarily para-legal work or anything. Sure, if I pull it off nicely, this could present me as someone with a strong desire to make an impact. But is this enough? I don't know...

Of course it would be great if I can combine the two, showing that I am academically capable while explaining how I became a prospective law student. But I'm really stuck. I've been stuck for weeks and my plan to apply early is about to collapse due to this writer's block.

Please advise.

Oh another question: IF I were to pick topic 2, do you guys think it makes sense for me to write an addendum for my extraordinarily fast graduation? Btw my GPA was fine throughout my undergraduate years, so the addendum is not going to be about explaining GPA.


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Re: Inquiry on PS topic: overcoming adversity vs. job exp?

Postby christinenyoung » Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:23 am

I'm not sure what the addendum would explain. You see, their concern about you graduating early is your maturity level. I feel as though they should get the sense of this form your application as a whole. Maybe someone else sees it differently.

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