Reapplying to law schools.

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Reapplying to law schools.

Postby simplythebest » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:27 am

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I applied to law schools during November/December. I got waitlisted at my top choice school. I talked to the admissions, and they said that whenever someone reapplies to their school, they would like to see something different about the applicant/application and personal statement, even though they liked my personal statement. With this said, I am not sure how to go about this "change" for my personal statement for the fall 2012 application process.

During November/December, I was still attending undergrad. I just graduated in May, but I honestly haven't worked at a full time job, had a life-changing experience, or done anything worth-mentioning on my resume. My resume is pretty much the same one as in November/December. Of course, that could easily change between now and December, but I plan on submitting my application in early Fall. So, the chances of that are unlikely.

Am I supposed to rewrite my personal statement? Or will simply gaining a higher LSAT score be sufficient? Or will not rewriting it at all give my application a negative impression of laziness?

Advice please.

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Re: Reapplying to law schools.

Postby northwood » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:03 pm

if your LSAT scores increase by 3 or more points, then you can just fine tune your personal statement. If you were on the waitlist, then you had a decent chance of getting in. so focus on that. If you dont have any other topics that would make for a great personal statement, then dont bother.

If you didnt write a LOCI when you were waitlisted, then write one for that school and add it to you application. IF you are dead set on going, then ED,if possible ( but you willbe paying sticker). IF you did write a LOCI, write another and explain why you want to go there, why you decided to wait a cycle and reapply or something like that. If you havent heard back, set up an appointment to talk to an admissions person face to face to go over your application/ explain in person your desire to go there.

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Re: Reapplying to law schools.

Postby thelawschoolproject » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:28 pm

I reapplied to many of the same schools and was concerned about some of the same things.

I wrote a completely different personal statement, but I had a strong group of TLSers help me edit it until I felt very confident with it. I also had my recommenders write new LORs and I updated my resume as best I could. The biggest reason I did this is because I asked 10 of the schools I was re-applying to if they would take my previous application into consideration. The resounding answer I received was that yes, they would go back and look at my previous application. Because of this I wanted them to see something different. I wanted them to know that I had put in the effort to really perfect my application and ultimately I wanted them to think I was a much stronger applicant.

Hope this helps!

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