Topic, but What Direction to Take It?

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Topic, but What Direction to Take It?

Postby applicant13579 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:42 pm

Hey all, first off I'm an active member on this site under a different name but made a new account to protect some sensitive information for this thread. I've decided on my personal statement topic - but I'm not sure exactly where to take it. It's a toughie, maybe risky, but it is that important to my life that I need to write about it.

Anyway, the main gist of it is that an immediate family member (mother/father) ended up in prison starting two years ago, one semester into college. I actually helped turn them in in the first place (something I'm also not sure about including in this, but this detail is not really important as the main topic). Basically, it could've screwed me over, but I've been able to pull through. It also deeply impacted my decision to pursue law.

There are three essay possibilities I've thought of surrounding this, but I'm not really sure which one would be best.

1) How I was able to overcome the possible mental repercussions/embarrassment (case was relatively public) by throwing myself into school, helping the community, coming to terms personally with myself and actually forgiving and maintaining a relationship with the incarcerated.

2) How this definitely sparked my already piqued interest and personal connection with law - having a parent in the court system, myself becoming fully involved in the case and researching the law to see exactly what this family member was getting into, helping plead w/ judge to reduce sentence (somewhat successfully), as a result not only wanting only to become a possible criminal lawyer but also becoming more involved in how to rehabilitate criminals which I view is a problem in the current legal system.

3) A combination of the above two - which may end up being too dense.

I will greatly appreciate any advice on how to pursue this topic. Just please refrain from convincing me not to write it at all, I am deadset on it - I'm 3.5 gpa, 171 lsat, and looking for top 14 and hopefully 10, so I need something to stand out and this is the only experience I've ever had that can truly accomplish that. Believe me, despite the nature of the topic, I am doing everything I can to avoid the details and common pitfalls of risky topics - emphasis will be on me, how I pulled through and/or responded, and details of the case will not be discussed at all.


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Re: Topic, but What Direction to Take It?

Postby ChikaBoom » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:51 pm

Wow. That's terrible.

I like option one. From my lurking, it seems that a little 'why law school?' can go a long way. The first choice seems to have more opportunity to discuss the character traits that will help you succeed. Just my 0L opinion, so what do I know?

Awesome job getting it together. Good luck!

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