PS, Diversity Statement, Addendum HELP!!!!!

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PS, Diversity Statement, Addendum HELP!!!!!

Postby jpuckett163 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:45 am

Let me tell you about me

I am a 32 yr old full time firefighter, full time student and a father of three
I left school in 2000 with 1.4ish GPA and a transcript full of NW (meaning I just didn't go to class never officially withdrew). I can say I left because I had my first child and found a career I loved and while that may be true I did so poorly grade wise because I honestly just didn't give a shit about college.

I have worked the last 6 yrs as a firefighter and 6 or so before that as an Paramedic

While in my last semester in 2000 my oldest son was born. I think it is worth mentioning that he is Autistic. Anyway over the last 12 yrs I have been involved in my church, Boy Scouts youth sports and Ive been an elected member of the Executive board of my labor union.

Last semester I decided to return to school finish my BS (in interdisciplinary health studies I was an econ major in 2000 and hated it)anyway last semester I took 3 classes and received 2 A's and a C this semester 5 classes all A's so far and honestly as an adult student I can be pretty sure that it will be all A's with a B or 2 for the rest of my time in Undergrad ( I say this because I know the effort Im willing to put in as a returning student)

What do I need to write besides a PS?
Diversity Statement? older returning student (I don't think this is diversity but not sure) parent of Autistic chill
Addendum? GPA

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Re: PS, Diversity Statement, Addendum HELP!!!!!

Postby rinkrat19 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:54 am

Read each school's requirements.

It's probably a good idea to include a GPA addendum, but be aware that it's not going to help you much. Your overall GPA is what it is.

I wouldn't write a diversity statement about being older, because there are plenty of those at any school. Writing about parenting an autistic child might work, if you can spin it into some ways it makes YOU different so that you would bring diversity to your class. Having a diverse kid doesn't necessarily make you diverse.

And...if this post is anything like the way you write in essay form, I would recommend taking some writing classes before getting too deep in the law school application process. Your grammar and punctuation need some help.

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Re: PS, Diversity Statement, Addendum HELP!!!!!

Postby jpuckett163 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:06 pm

This post is in no way indicative of my writing style or my command of grammar. It was a quick informal post to a website frequented by my peers. Thanks for the advice though I will assume it was you trying to be helpful.

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