How should I approach my GPA addendum

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How should I approach my GPA addendum

Postby Haitisfinest101 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:22 am

University A- two years almost 60 credits GPA 2.44/full time 


University B- (Degree  school ) got two scholarships  for academic excellence and campus leadership. I was inducted into a honor society. I had 3.5 but graduated with a 2.19 : went full time and half time off and on at night- worked two jobs--55 hours  a week.

University C- one course at a community college got an A

My law school report has only  grades from B and C because of a financial obligation to university A so lsac gpa is 2.22, with almost 60 credits missing.

 my mother died when I was 16 of cancer and I held in my emotions. My Grandmother died when I was at university B of hunger; both of them died in my home country haiti. I blamed myself fory grandmother's death and went into a deep depression, and all the feelings I was holding in from my mother' s death came out when my grandmother died ... Felt into a great depression classes and work was affected.

I went to the school therapist once and never returned. It was not helpful.. I struggled and finished school; never gave up even though everyday I wanted to. I had lost all motivation.    
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Re: How should I approach my GPA addendum

Postby thelawschoolproject » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:10 pm

Here's what I would do with your information:

Theme: Pushing forward, regardless of circumstance/situation

Personal Statement: Life in Haiti, losing two people you were very close to. Name 2-3 specific lessons you learned or skills you developed from these experiences. Include the pathos of perserverance.

Diversity Statement: I'm assuming that losing your family wasn't the only troublesome part of your life. If you had any economic issues (healthcare bills?) or poverity issues (assumption based off your grandmother dying of hunger and the unsettled fees to University A). Mention your ability to perservere in the face of adversity.

GPA Addendum: If you're missing 60 credits on your LSAC GPA, does LSAC confirm that you are, in fact, a bachelors degree holder? I would do anything you could to rectify the situation with University A. If you do decide write an addendum for this issue (I feel like maybe it's unnecessary since the adcomm will see what your gpa is anyway...and that your justification while emotionally jarring does nothing to say "hey it should be a higher GPA.") Do you have any kind of upward grade trend? Was there a time in school when you weren't facing hardship that you were able to perform at your best academically? You need to make sure that your addendum is a testament to your ability to achieve at a high level.

LOR: I actually think strong LORs could go quite a way for you. Try to get people to write them who understand your personal background and can testify to the fact that you are a high-achieving student and that it was merely the circumstances that caused you difficulty.

Hope this helps!


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Re: How should I approach my GPA addendum

Postby Haitisfinest101 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 9:44 pm

Personal Statement: for my personal statement I want talk about my educational disadvantages. Having to learn English in a house where my family spoke only Creole, and going to one of the worst high schools in the city, being to first to graduate high school in my family, and still made it to college, earning several scholarships before my depression. I want to also talk about how that affected me and what I did about it. For example, I tutored inner city youths during the summer after my freshman year, and how I was a camp counselor for a program that showed disadvantage high school students what life in college would be like; afraid that I will repeat my resume.

Diversity Statement: this was going to be my personal statement, but I think it would serve well as DS.

GPA Addendum:

I transferred because while I was on campus, I was driving 1 1/2 hour for work four times a week, I was often tired yet still manage a 2.56. The first two semesters after I transferred, I earned a 3.5 each semester, while working two full time jobs and going to school part- time at night. Then the death happened, a few months later a car accident.

The LSAC does confirm that I am a bachelor’s degree holder. In fact, on my report it lists the date of my degree. It also mentions that I have a financial hold from one of the three universities I attended. Finally, there is absolute no way of fixing the issue with University A, I called the President explained my situation, no luck.

LOR: Unfortunately As a night student working full time I rarely had time to build relationships with my professors most of them I only took one time…I will most likely have letters from my jobs.

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