LoRs in, transcripts in... Looking to apply tonight!

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LoRs in, transcripts in... Looking to apply tonight!

Postby UMatti » Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:37 am

I still think my conclusion is a little weak. Any advice? (in general too, of course). I have a Congressional internship and tutoring experience in inner city Detroit.. probably will try to connect these to the rest and conclude it..

On the table before me sat a large book filled with research projects. Maybe I would work with a psychology graduate student to better understand the human mind, or a sociology professor to understand the impact institutions have on racial stereotypes. The options were limitless, but I reverted back to what had brought me to the University of Michigan and the study of Political Science. At the age of sixteen, I left the isolated Upper Peninsula of Michigan to work on the U.S. House Floor as a Congressional Page. Working in the Capitol, interacting with Members, and studying atop the Library of Congress ignited my interest in the law and in politics. The energy and focus of those around me was contagious. I left with my expectations and goals propped up on idealistic notions of the law. I entered into my first year of college looking to ground my intentions to study law. In working with a member of the Ann Arbor Energy Commission, I began to realize law school was ultimately where my interests lie and that by attending I would receive the training necessary to achieve my goals.

The goal of this project was to advise the city council on their energy policy. My role was to assist in the development of a plan for conducting energy audits and to help carry them out. In the early stages, I familiarized myself with REM/Rate (Residential Energy Methodology) and the National Energy Audit Tool; two computer programs that took home measurements and identified sources of efficiency loss. After I had a better understanding of the measurements we would need for an accurate audit, I began to go to area homes with my sponsor. Among other things, we took meticulous notes of the location of windows, the building materials used, and the seal the house provided from the elements. This last measurement was done by hooking up a giant fan to the front door and blowing air out of the house. Then a pressure reading was taken to give an idea of how well the house was insulated. By the end of my first year in college, I had learned more about light bulbs, windows, and insulation than I could have imagined possible.

Although I value the practical knowledge of this experience, the process of taking raw data and converting it into a meaningful set of options for homeowners was where I felt most rewarded. We would often meet families excited by the idea of reducing their energy consumption (and bills), but unsure of how to proceed in doing so. So as we sat at dinner tables and stood on front porches talking with homeowners, I watched my sponsor rely on his expertise as an architect to outline potential areas of improvement. The parallel between this and that of a lawyer counseling clients was apparent, and it intrigued me. I recognized law school as the next step toward preparing myself to aid those facing legal uncertainty.

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