Too many Withdrawal Addendum (Is this even necessary?)

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Too many Withdrawal Addendum (Is this even necessary?)

Postby KibblesnBitts » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:11 am

Okay, so to preface: I have 3 Withdrawals on my transcript. My pre-law advisor told me to write an addendum to the law schools that may be somewhat of a reach for me - as these are the only blemishes on my transcript (Otherwise, I have a 3.75 GPA)

If the ladies and gentlemen do not feel it's necessary for me to have an addendum for three Withdrawal grades, then I may just toss it completely.

I have often been told that I bite off more than I can chew. This has been the case on three separate occasions during my undergraduate career, hence why there are three withdrawals on my transcripts despite my 3.75 GPA.

The first withdrawal came in the Fall 2009 Semester when I made the attempt to take 19 credits – two more than the allotted maximum and five of those coming from Korean Elementary I. This was my first, and last attempt at learning an Asiatic language in the classroom setting. While I was able to learn about the history of the Korean Language and very basic functions, the subject matter became more difficult. Despite my best efforts including taking advantage of the four hours of Korean tutoring offered each week, I could not catch up. On the final day I could withdraw, I took the option.

My second withdrawal came in the Fall 2010 Semester when I attempted to take Introduction to Logic – a 200-level philosophy course despite not taking any prior philosophy course in my collegiate career. This time, I was attempting to take 18 credits – the allotted maximum. This time around, I began to fall behind in each of my classes and started to struggle. When I knew I had to withdraw from a course, I picked the only class that had no effect on either of my majors or other School of Arts and Sciences requirements. Introduction to Logic was the only course fitting the criteria. I withdrew from the course as a result.

My final withdrawal occurred not too long ago in the Fall 2011 Semester. I withdrew from my History Seminar, a class that I will be taking again in the Spring 2012 Semester as a result of poor time management. The first error on my part came in the fact that I registered for the course on the last day of the add/drop period, without knowing what I was getting myself into. As a result of missing the first of only fourteen class meetings, I started the course very behind. The professor even warned me that I was facing a challenge. Not one to buck over immediately, I attempted to juggle between the seminar, my other courses, and studying for the LSAT along with beginning to apply to law schools. My time management failed me for the first time. On the last day of the withdrawal period, I realized that my poor time management in September was fatal to the course, and the best decision I could have made was to withdraw.

I'm also not sure at all on how to conclude this either....

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Re: Too many Withdrawal Addendum (Is this even necessary?)

Postby DickyBumBum » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:09 am

I wouldn't write an addendum at all, especially if the W grades are non-punitive. Even if they are punitive, I think an addendum with a 3.75 GPA will do more harm than good, and this addendum in particular only serves to highlight negative personality traits, e.g., poor time management skills, a tendency to overextend yourself, etc. I'd leave it out.

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