Intellect and Moot Ct fan critique please

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Intellect and Moot Ct fan critique please

Postby flyer22 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:07 pm

When I received my syllabi, I could only think of the mountain of assignments due in the coming four months. I seamlessly filled my assignment book with deadlines for exams, papers, presentations, and homework assignments. I saw my college coursework as a list of tasks rather than an opportunity to learn, which was an attitude problem. I was not engaging with information, but loathing the time I spent in a lecture hall. Because my interests were elsewhere, I did not value academia or intellect. I almost let four years of college slip away into the abyss, without appreciating the opportunity. My enrollment in a challenging constitutional law class had a profound impact, transforming my lackluster attitude into a drive for academic excellence.
My lack of academic interest stemmed from high school where I was a superior three sport athlete, rarely giving my academics the necessary attention. I did not ignore academics completely; in fact, I put forth exceptional work. Still, I had no real interest in philosophizing, theorizing, or exploring scholarly findings. My passion and interests were in athletics. I was touring the country on recruiting visits and preparing to accept a scholarship to play baseball. For me, baseball was life, and I was good at it.
Unfortunately, this plan and dream ended abruptly when I dislocated and separated the same shoulder twice in the same baseball season. I was born with Poland Syndrome, a rare birth defect characterized by underdevelopment or absence of the chest muscle. Due to the absence of my left pectoral muscle, I did not have the muscular support to shield me from such common injuries, ending my baseball journey.
My affection for athletics will never cease, but, as my undergraduate studies began in the fall, I recommitted to my studies. I was looking to my academics to replace the challenge and discipline athletics had provided my entire life. My search for academic stimulation took three years to uncover. Unexpectedly, the second semester of my junior year, I was inspired by a challenging constitutional law course that created in me an appreciation for intellect.
At first, I struggled with comprehending the complexity of several cases. My professor was partial to the Socratic Method, allowing for candid discussion and dissecting students’ critical thinking abilities. I became comfortable with this style, flourishing intellectually. Recognizing how concepts merged, I established the aptitude to think chronologically about the characterization of American constitutional development, through established case law. I then applied this style of thinking when my professor assembled an in-class Moot Court trial, where my constitutional law experience reached its peak.
The Moot Court was a rich and insightful case, forcing me to hone my ability to identify the weaknesses and limitations of my opponents’ meticulously constructed positions. My ability to analyze facts and convey my thought process in a comprehensive manner impressed my teammates, but more importantly, myself. This experience revealed a sense of confidence while fulfilling my need for academic stimulation in a competitive landscape. Consequently, I left with a yearning to explore more, an exciting action that I never would have taken in years past.
My confidence percolated into the rest of my studies. My senior year, I enrolled in other law-related classes, such as business law and civil liberties, exerting my newfound intellectual abilities and earning exemplary marks. I believe law school can continue to foster my intrigue for knowledge and exploration. It is hard to be certain where my curiosity for academics will take me. Nevertheless, I am confident that the opportunities, such as an externship at the XXX and XXX or participating in the XXXX Moot Court Competition provided by XXX Law, will aid in shaping my legal future around my passions. I am motivated to reach a level of academic excellence with likeminded students, as I did in my constitutional law class. As a more mature student, I know law school will continue to provide me the opportunity to build from my recent successes while reaching a new level in my pursuit of knowledge.

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