My Educational Transformation

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My Educational Transformation

Postby Bgard008 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:42 pm

Any help would be much appreciated. Hold nothing back, I can take it.

Thanks TLS!

My Educational Transformation
My mother use to say that for me, doing well was “passing by the skin of my teeth.” I was once a young man filled with a lack of motivation and a questionable quality of life. To begin my senior year of high school, I sat across a wood-grained table inside the principal’s office, surrounded by my teachers and forced to listen to what they collectively referred to as “my situation.” They informed me that I had a slim chance of graduating from high school. I spent the last few months of my high school career rummaging through old papers and attempting to complete tests after months of procrastination. That was not the idyllic senior year I had pictured.
After struggling through immense amounts of work, I raised my grades enough to graduate high school. I had little aspirations for the future and thought college to be of no avail; until a conversation with a close friend altered my perceptions. This conversation took place at a local pool hall; three quarters of the way into our game we began to discuss our futures and prospective careers. To my amazement, my friend expressed that in ten years his only objective was to stay out of prison. In the wake of my bewilderment, I attempted to collect an answer for such a pessimistic approach at life. But after numerous attempts at discerning a rationale, we left the pool hall and went our separate ways. That conversation provided me with a newfound motivation to pursue an academic career. After countless applications, I was accepted to a college that would provide me with the stepping-stone for the rest of my academic career.
I had finally realized that if I continued to allow myself to make inauspicious decisions, then I would never change those self-hindering habits. As I collected various bits of information/opinions from classmates, I restructured my thought process in contradiction with what I had been accustomed to believing my entire life. This restructuring ultimately occurred after a much-anticipated transfer; which offered me better opportunities and a chance at a new beginning. At first I struggled academically, but I soon found my niche and began to seek out intellectually stimulating material. Aiding in my pursuit for knowledge I found it especially necessary to understand and contribute to the lives of the people around me.
“No degree of knowledge attainable by man is able to set him above the want of hourly assistance.”-- Samuel Johnson, LLD MA Rambler 137.
While riding a city bus, I engaged a young lady with subtle remarks, which over time turned into casual conversations and the arrival of “her situation”. She had recently given birth to a baby boy and wanted to acquire a bachelor’s degree to better their lives. I felt that it was my duty to help her, so we collectively assembled a plan of action; which eventually led to the submission of her first college application. The next time we crossed paths she greeted me with a lively smile and a hooded sweatshirt of her future alma mater. The feelings I experienced on that day were sublime. However significant my assistance was, I will never know. But knowing that my help may have given her a chance at an improved life will continue to aid in my forward progression.
Years have flown by since that conversation between old friends and the alluring exchanges on a crowded city bus. My interpersonal and intellectual skills have matured and a strong law school candidate has emerged. This maturation can also be credited to achieving the unanimous vote of my peers to become the president of the Pre-Law Association at a university that has over twenty-four thousand attending students. With a Juris Doctor I plan to assist the juveniles within the courtroom, as well as in their communities. Because only through life experiences and the assistance of others will the impoverished children begin to take control of their existence. Although assisting juveniles can be met with varying degrees of education, I find it would be more promising to others for me to consume the most methodic and applicable information possible.
Five years ago, I would never have imagined that I would be applying to law schools. Remembering that day, glaring into the eyes of the teachers I had avoided for years, actually assisted me in the long run. I realize that the events that took place on that day provided me with the urge to succeed and the mindset to accomplish my ambitions. Law school, more particularly __________ School of Law is a part of my future and securing admission to such a prestigious institution will make me a more capable provider and contributor to society. Throughout all the ups and downs of life I have found it especially important that I be my own luminary, because if I cannot motivate myself than no one can.
“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates

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