Law School Addendum...critique please?

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Law School Addendum...critique please?

Postby paulkemp » Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:21 pm


I'm starting to apply for law schools and all I need is to make the final touches on my personal statement and addendum.

I've taken the LSAT four times and was absent once. The first three scores were around the same, 150, 152, 155....and my fourth score was a 164. Are these reasons good enough to create a law addendum?

My Mom lost her job a month before I took the October LSAT in 2009. My Mom needed more money to cover my sister’s tuition costs, I’m licensed to sell real estate so I had to take a continuing education course and cram for a Real Estate re-license test on September 29th to ensure that my license was still active. I stopped studying for the LSAT entirely a month before I took it, but was pressured to take it and not cancel my score since I was doing well on pretests.
My Grandparents have recently passed away and my Mom and Uncle have been in a bitter legal battle for the inheritance for the past three years. I was absent from my December 2009 test because at the last minute my Mom needed to fly up north to take her belongings from her parents’ house before a court order was put on the house to restrict her from entering.
I took the February 2010 test because of my absence from the December test. However, the emotional stress from the trial that had just begun and my grandparents passing had more of a toll on me mentally and physically than I realized.
I continued working after graduation to help my sister with her tuition costs and planned to save money and gain office experience before taking the LSAT one more time. Out of necessity I worked more often than I studied, but what threw me off that December was that trial. Two weeks before I took the LSAT it became obvious that my Uncle had been stealing from his parents for years, and without much to inherit my Mom had just spent everything on attorney’s fees. Six months out of law school without a clue as to how to afford it, an economics degree that was getting me nowhere in a state with a 10% unemployment rate and the realization that my uncle was a dirty rat made me anxious to get it over with and I wasn’t mentally ready that day.


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Re: Law School Addendum...critique please?

Postby CanadianWolf » Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:24 pm

You're good to go.

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