2 questions about DS

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2 questions about DS

Postby seaghost527 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:42 pm

I have 2 quick questions about my DS ... insight would be greatly appreciated !

1 -- could submitting a DS w/ a gay theme potentially have a negative affect on my decision at Georgetown? I know that the school's religious affiliation (Jesuit) is not especially strong, but I'm just wondering if it'd be safer to refrain from submitting this DS? also, on GULC's application, it states that they recruit students from various "racial, economic, educational, and ethnic" backgrounds... am wondering if I should be concerned by the omission of "sexual orientation", which I found mentioned explicitly on other applications

2 -- I know that there is no absolute form that an essay should follow, especially something like a personal/diversity statement, but I'm wondering if people here think this would "work" as an essay? a gay themed DS about a young boy that inspired me to come out as gay, and my newfound pride and interest in lgbt issues. because I came out only very recently, I haven't engaged in any large-scale lgbt advocacy work, but in my DS draft, I mention how this new side of me has galvanized me to educate friends and family about lgbt issues, and that I would continue to do so, and hopefully inspire others as i myself was inspired, as a part of school XYZ's community... but it seems like a lot of DS's involve "overcoming adversity" and discrimination and obstacles, and my DS isn't so much about that as just a personal narrative about what inspired me to come out and how it has changed me

thx for any input! please try to be kind! (i'm so scared by people here, lol)

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Re: 2 questions about DS

Postby soj » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:57 pm

Looks good to me. No, GULC won't hate on you for being gay.

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