How long did take to write PS?

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Re: How long did take to write PS?

Postby Peg » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:08 pm

Took me about 3 months, although obviously I wasn't working on the PS everyday - I had the LSAT to study for, and then my day job. But the 3 months were worth it. By the end the PS had changed beyond all recognition and the final draft had absolutely nothing in common with the original. The theme, subject, tone, language and length all changed. I don't remember how many drafts I went through, but there actually weren't that many drafts. I spent a lot of time thinking, pondering, and brainstorming about the PS in between drafts, and that's where most of the changes happened.

My advice is to give yourself a lot of time to introspect and really think about yourself. You will come out with a wonderful PS if you can do that.

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