Please help!

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Please help!

Postby euclid203 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:15 pm

Hey all,

I am have been working on my PS an really long time and finally think i have something acceptable. Seeing how this is the last thing I need to finish, I would like to get this done ASAP. I could really use and appreciate some feedback.

Thanks to anyone in advance!

Personal Statement #15. I have exhausted all my resources and hit the “writer’s block” many times. Truthfully speaking, I do not have one stellar story that encapsulates the reasons I want to go to law school. But the path that led me to this point is a story in itself, its progression made up of experiences that shaped my current direction, revealing law school as the place to continue what I’ve started.
The way things work has always fascinated me. There was a lot I didn’t understand, but they very notion pushed me to inquire how things worked. Every time I learned how something worked, the results amazed me and more I wanted to learn. It was like there was a hidden world waiting to be discovered, and the more I learned of it, the more it revealed itself. Sitting in my biology class, dissecting organisms from least complex to most, I was fascinated by the intricacy of life, and how interconnected it is. It amazed me how all life starts as a single cell, this indistinct dot growing into countless variations of plants and animals. I wanted to delve deeper though, my curiosity now sparked. Some people say how they’re convinced to pursue a certain field for this reason or that. When realizing endless possibilities of scientific exploration, I didn’t need convincing.
Working in research labs since freshmen year, my curiosity for science expanded into other fields. Sitting behind a lab bench, I found that the science was more fascinating than ever, but I found that it constrained me to a very narrow kind of pursuit. The science was the same, but how I experienced it changed. There were few people around to share it with, and I found that it tended to cut me off from my interests, one that didn’t limit to one particular topic within a field of science. My plans were shaken, what I had been so sure of, is not what I expected. I still wanted to be at the forefront of science, but in a way that wouldn’t distance me from other things I wanted to explore.
I began to take courses in various other fields, hoping that it would provide a unique perspective on careers in science. Finding myself sitting in an Economics Analysis of Law course, I started to gain interest in patent law. It is interesting how a such course, one which had nothing to science, provide insight on what I could do with my science degree. Unlike research, which limited to studying one field, patent law would allow me to the fields not just in science. I began to further investigate patent law through economics and engineering courses. Investigating career in patent law, I found myself looking at the foundations of patents designs; complex and eloquent, intellectual property rights fascinated me to the point where I research music industry to understand effectiveness of copyrights and success of Apple technologies. My interests grew and I began to research careers in patent law.
When I interned at Amgen, I shadowed two litigation patent attorneys who helped further my interest in patent law. Observing them, I admired how they used their technical skills to work with both scientific and business professionals to design and manage patents that protect the interests of the company. Then, I learned they also works along with scientists to design experiment; “Neat,” I thought. I could apply my technical skills from my to only translate law into science and science into law, but also contribute to research. It became certain that patent law is what I wanted to pursue upon graduation.
Despite my strong interests, I want to pursue law not simply because of intellectual property. Growing up in India, immigrating to the US and then later traveling various parts of the world, I’ve met countless number of people who have be regularly abused and had their rights taken away from them. Limited by budget and social class, they were left hopeless yet their some have all were optimistic of their future. Their stories compelled me to a life of active volunteerism. A holistic legal education encompassed with a diverse body of students and professors who actively want preserve, promote, and advance the essence of social order is why I have chosen to pursue law at University of XXXXXXX.


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Re: Please help!

Postby mala2 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:47 pm

delete the first paragraph about writer's block

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