Advice Please?

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Advice Please?

Postby euclid203 » Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:30 pm

does this essay work? or is it too weak?

“Molecular biology and Economics? Hm, that’s an interesting combination.”

This is the most common phrase I hear after I introduce myself because most people do not associate the two being together and believe the two fields are incompatible. However, I think it is a unique combination that provides valuable insight for a career in patent law. Molecular biology provides me with the technical skills and knowledge required to design an innovative product and demonstrate the need for patents. Economics, on the other hand, has shown me the importance of efficient patent design in order maximize profits and protection. I believe this rare combination of majors has better prepared me for a career in patent law.
To gain hands of experience on what I learned in class, I joined Dr. XXXXX Lab as a freshmen. Under the supervision of a graduate student, I was given a project to work on. I spent countless numbers of hours preparing samples and then sitting in front of a computer counting the numbers of spines on neural dendrites so we could observe memory formation in fragile X syndrome model mice and a wild-type mice. The entire project took me over three semesters to complete. I often felt like quitting because the work was tedious and repetitive and the end seemed no where insight. But the chance of getting published-a goal of many biology students-pushed me to finish the project. This was going to be my reward for all the hard work I did, so I made a strong effort to complete. Interestingly, having a patent has the same meaning for scientists and other professional as a getting published did for me. They provide the motivation and the incentive to find innovative ways to resolve society’s problem. This drives professionals to work hard and thus, scientific advancement.
. A great a deal of monetary, intellectual, and time investments are made by the scientists and the company to improve human health. Attending corporate seminars showed how difficult and lengthy the drug creation process is and why intellectual property protection is crucial to for a pharmaceutical company. Moreover, I also met with both patent prosecutors and patent litigators at Amgen to gain a better understanding of what they do. As a result of my meeting with the two, I realized that my interests were more inlined with the patent prosecution because they serves as the middleman between law and science. I especially enjoyed the fact that prosecutors can indirectly engage in research without conducting it.
On another note, complexity of patent design further draws me to a career in law. During my junior year, I took Economics of Law and Innovation and Technology class through the Economics department at University of XXXXXX. These courses not only helped me understand different types of legal protections, but they also showed the importance of breadth and length of patents. To me it was surprising to learn about the breadth and length of patents because I think most people, like myself, would initially believe having a broad patent with maximum protection (in terms of time) is in the best interest of the company because it will maximize profits. This is a misconception that I was able to discredit in my Economic Analysis of Law II course at the National University of Singapore. I evaluated copyright protection in the music industry to examine whether copyrights are in the best interests musicians. Though economic analysis, I was able to show that while copyrights benefit established artists and hurt rising artists. Thus, having an economics background while help me effectively design patents so their protect the interests of my clients.
I believe having this diverse background will not only help me translate science into law and law into science, but it will also help me design a patent which will maximize benefits for my clients. A legal career will also will provide me an appropriate balance of science and business. My strong interests in patent law and desire to diverse background will help me contribute to the active student body at University of XXXXXX.

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Re: Advice Please?

Postby CanadianWolf » Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:59 pm

The first paragraph is well done & interesting, but the next three paragraphs should be deleted as they are too detailed with irrelevant material.

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Re: Advice Please?

Postby LSATclincher » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:38 pm

I'd be leery of discussing the exact type of law you want to get into. It seems unrealistic to pick and choose in this economy. You can stick with a theme of patent law if your writing a "why x law school" PS for a school renowned in that field, however.

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Re: Advice Please?

Postby lawschooliseasy » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:42 pm

More on why you would actually be good on studying the law, less on how what you already know would be applicable once you know the law.

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Re: Advice Please?

Postby euclid203 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:42 am

Thanks to all, I really appreciate the feedback!

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