PS NFL Internship Please Judge!!!

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PS NFL Internship Please Judge!!!

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Hey everyone please give me your input. Whats good/bad? What can I cut? and any other input.

“Fumble!” shouted the 66,000 fans in attendance at the Edward Jones Dome. As the hometown St. Louis Rams defense celebrated their first turnover of the year, I watched the frustrated offense of the Arizona Cardinals return to the bench seated directly in front of me. “Ring!” screeched the huge machine behind me. I quickly turned around and located the light indicating the offensive phone. “Sideline,” I answered, firmly pressing the phone to my ear in an effort to block out the screaming fans. “Number 34” barked the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator. I scanned the bench in a hurry, found number 34, running back Tim Hightower, and gave him the phone. After the game ended, I entered the visitors’ locker room and jostled with members of the media for position as they swarmed Cardinals Pro Bowl safety Adrian Wilson. I stuck my recorder in the crowd to get Wilson’s post-game comments, and then rushed upstairs to start transcribing. I finished transcribing Wilson’s responses and turned them in to the Rams’ Director of Media Relations Artis Twyman. My first NFL game was complete. As I walked to my car, thoroughly enjoying my new internship, I felt proud knowing that I had overcome another obstacle in my journey to a successful career.

As I entered my sophomore year of college at Missouri State University, I knew I needed to make an important decision: I needed to declare a major. Like many young college students, I was unsure about this crucial choice. I have always been motivated by success, and I felt that to reach great success in my career, I would have to be passionate about what I was doing. This part was easy. My passion has always been sports. From my childhood to today sports has been my true love. I love the competition and the challenge of constant improvement. When I chose to major in entertainment management, some of my friends and family questioned the decision, stating that the industry was very competitive and not a safe career choice. I was aware that my goal would not be an easy one to reach, but most great things come with a price. I decided that if I wanted to follow my dreams, I was going to put everything I had into it. I was already interested in attending law school, so I decided to do some research. I found that a law degree could be beneficial to my goal in so many ways by affording me the opportunity to study corporate law, contract law, entertainment and sport law, and several other areas that interested me. I decided that I would major in entertainment management, and then attend law school.

I quickly discovered that this decision was the correct one for me. The entertainment management program allowed me to study many aspects of business while focusing on the entertainment and sport industry. I was fortunate to learn from Dr. Phil Rothschild and Dr. Ben Goss, who were very influential in my growth as a student and a person. Both professors demanded much from me, but both gave me great knowledge and advice in return. Dr. Rothschild taught me the importance of preparation and teamwork through his group presentation seminars. These projects required groups of about five students to act as a professional organization providing a 50-minute seminar. My group spent countless hours organizing workbooks, creating power-point slides, and rehearsing our presenting skills. All of our work paid off when we delivered an A+ presentation.

Dr. Goss taught me the importance of creativity and hard work. In Dr. Goss’ sport management class, we were asked to create and promote a marquee game for our Missouri State men’s varsity soccer team, which was having a great season but drawing almost no fans to their games. With less than a month, a $0 budget, and virtually no help from the athletic department, our 19-student class planned and promoted the event from scratch, despite some tough obstacles in competing with the women’s basketball game the same day and Halloween the night before. We set up a pre-game ceremony and halftime show to add entertainment to the game, and we reached out to the student body, local elementary schools and soccer teams to increase attendance. Our class also teamed up with a local food bank and had fans bring canned goods in exchange for admission to the game. This initiative resulted in enough food and cash donations to provide nearly 800 meals, and we set the mark for the fourth-largest crowd in program history with 1,075 fans.

As my college career was coming to an end, I knew it was time to take the next step towards my goal and obtain some quality work experience. During one casual conversation about that time, a friend of mine mentioned that one of her friends was working with the St. Louis Rams. As luck would have it, I also knew her friend, and after connecting on Facebook, she eventually helped me obtain a phone interview for a full-time public-relations internship. I prepared non-stop before the interview, researching the company and questions I should be ready to answer. The interview seemed to go great as I was prepared for every question and I couldn’t wait to hear back from the Rams. As the days went by I grew anxious waiting for the Rams decision. Finally I received a letter informing me that they had chosen someone else for the internship. This was very tough to take considering I was so pleased with my interview. I stayed in touch with Julia though and a few weeks later she offered me a smaller internship opportunity that was unpaid. I saw this as the opportunity I needed and took it. This internship has been an amazing experience. I am constantly learning and experiencing what working in the sport and entertainment industry is actually like.

I now feel that my education and work experiences have prepared me for law school. I am ready to take the next step toward my goal and devote myself to my studies. I look forward to learning more than ever in law school and continuing to grow as an individual. My experience in the sport and entertainment industry will bring a unique perspective to the classroom and I feel that earning a legal education will open up opportunities for me to be successful in many different areas of work, whether it is a career in law, business, or sports.

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