Why X for top choice school (couple of qs rolled into 1)

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Why X for top choice school (couple of qs rolled into 1)

Postby JJDancer » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:13 pm

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Thanks. I wrote a separate Why X.

My top choice school has a no length PS.
My PS focuses heavily on one of my interests (more public interest).
I hoped to talk about programs that pertain to a different interest (more business focused) of mine in a "why X"
A) I could use the no length PS to weave in or tack on a paragraph on why X -- but it would feel insincere to have to talk abt programs that work with the interest I highlight in my PS (public interest). When I am more impressed by/interested in the school's business focused programs.

B) Should I write a separate why x?
C) Should I try to weave the why x into a diversity statement instead?
D) Is it ok to have some "narrative" aspect to a separate why x essay?

Both interests are evident on my resume.

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Re: Why X for top choice school (couple of qs rolled into 1)

Postby BriaTharen » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:58 am

If you are saying something different than what is conveyed in your PS, by all means write one. If you are basically reiterating something from your PS, you're probably better off having a Why X paragraph in your PS or DS.

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