Addendum question

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Addendum question

Postby paulshortys10 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:08 pm

I haven't worked much in the last 2 years. My reason is that I've had to take care of my ill grandma (had a stroke) while my mother and older brother work. So basically instead of putting her in a home or my mother paying for a nurse to take care of her, I volunteered to do it. On the other hand, since i haven't worked, i made it up with significant volunteering. So is this addendum worth writing and submitting?

Also i'm planning on already writing an addendum on why i performed poorly during 1 quarter of school, which somewhat affected my entire GPA. Is there such a thing as too many addendums? i don't want to sound like i'm giving excuses for everything.

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Re: Addendum question

Postby DearCan » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:39 pm

I can't speak definitively, but I would write the addendum concerning your unemployment. It's certainly valid, and will answer a question that's sure to come up in the minds of those reviewing your application.

As for your GPA addendum, I think it would depend on how significantly it affected your UGPA. If your GPA would be low if that quarter was excluded, I would reconsider writing an addendum. However, if you had F's you should probably explain, as long as you have a legitimate reason. Don't be afraid of "too much information" as long as it's all relevant and concise.

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