New topic-would it work?

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New topic-would it work?

Postby dlbuhr » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:51 am

I plan on pursuing environmental law so I was originally going to write about running and how it has led to an appreciation of the environment and my outdoorsy lifestyle kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, etc. But upon reading the statement it was hard to cleave out any information about me other than the fact that I like to be outside.

So deciding to go in a quasi-new direction, I'm thinking about keeping the element of how I love the outdoors, but focus more on how I became interested in environmental law.

In short I took a community biology class last summer whose main focus was environmental issues in the world. I was aware of some of the more talked about issues but had no idea the severity of some. Thus I became involved in various organizations that had volunteering opportunities to help clean up areas, roadsides, streams etc. Well, during one of these volunteer weekends, as I was picking up trash some douche threw a plastic bottle out his car where I was cleaning up (whether it was deliberate I have no idea). A disheartening event since it made it seemed like there would never be enough people to clean everything up. This lead to looking into environmental law as way of actually combating current environmental problem. Sound good to anyone? Thanks in advance!

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Re: New topic-would it work?

Postby Geat27 » Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:28 pm

This could make for a good essay, but one that might feel clichéd to admissions people. A more unique story may feel more authentic and help you stand out.

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