Please give me advice on my risky PS topic

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Re: Please give me advice on my risky PS topic

Postby Mirrored » Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:07 pm

You can spend 121 and 3.5 months and improve that LSAT and then you don't have to write an essay about intolerance.

I would go with that option, personally.

Look, we live in a time where Diversity is a value rather than an adjective. Diversity is treated as the Sacred of our time-- it should be appreciated and there is no arguing about it or you will hurt your career and your reputation.

That's the kind of world we live in, one that is not actually tolerant, but one that is psychotically intolerant of intolerance-- you show a sign of not going along with the game and you are going to get killed in your professional life. (ALA Scarlet... or whatever).

If you write this essay, you will paint yourself as a bigot, and you may not be forgiven for it-- there is no reason to do it.

Instead, retake that LSAT and get above 168. Then you can apply to a lot of okay schools and you may even get money. Write fluffy personal statements about some "personal" moment, because that beats the hell out of taking the kind of risk you are thinking.

The only good risky personal statements are either heavily artistic, or teeter on the border between madness and genius. Yours is neither, avoid it.

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