GPA Addendum: Please Critique

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GPA Addendum: Please Critique

Postby recaldo » Mon May 24, 2010 10:07 pm

Dear <law school> Admissions Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to supply this addendum, which discloses factors related to my academic performance not revealed in my transcript.

I responded to successive traumatic family events that occurred throughout my undergraduate years in an immature and self-destructive fashion, and in a manner inconsistent with my goals and ambitions. At the time, it was difficult to take advantage of the opportunities laid before me because I did not yet know how to cope with and respond to this adversity.

<university name> was aware of the events involving my family and never requested that I take a leave of absence, despite it being the typical procedure, due to the nature of the events. However, in the Spring of 2006, I voluntarily withdrew for a semester and made a conscious decision to take ownership of my problems. I returned to school with a new perspective, and developed the character, focus, and work habits necessary for graduation, and learned how to appropriately deal with difficulties of all sizes.

In the three years since graduation, I have successfully completed challenging professional and intellectual pursuits and have responded adequately to events that may have at one time threatened my future. Until recently, I was even responsible for the futures’ and careers’ of others. The events that affected my undergraduate performance will not affect my performance in law school, and neither will any other adverse event.

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