Please Comment on my statement

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Please Comment on my statement

Postby jdubb990 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:07 pm

In the summer of 2008 I worked for Environmental Progress Incorporated. My work there involved canvassing South Carolina and Georgia on foot, convincing homeowners of all backgrounds to let a salesperson whom they had never met enter their home, and give a two hour sales pitch. On my last day of work there I bid farewell to the supervisors who directed me throughout the summer. I shook hands, shared laughs and smiles, and then walked out of the office. As I stepped into the blazing South Carolina summer heat, I heard the door gently closing behind me. I stood there for a moment and thought about the irony of the previous five minutes. After a summer of having so many individuals scream at me and slam their front doors in my face, a cordial goodbye and a door softly shutting behind me seemed odd. But I stared at the parking lot and the blue sky with a profound optimism because at that moment a door opened wide for me and I knew it could never be slammed in my face. I realized a confidence in myself that could never be taken away by anyone or anything.
Plainly, I knew that my alacrity and love of working with people is infinite. Just as doors of opportunity have opened for me, I am able to open doors when I help people. For several years up to that point, the idea of going to law school had greatly interested me. But I understood shortly after my time at E.P.I. that I want to earn my Juris Doctorate and Masters in Public Administration so that I can become an advocate for the public that I love working with. Attorney Paul DeHolczer once addressed my Phi-Alpha-Delta chapter, explaining that the most important skill to have in a court room is the ability to act and entertain in order to persuade. Coincidently, this is something that comes naturally to me. I have successfully demonstrated my exceptional abilities to intrigue listeners through years of excellent customer service and sales employment. Last October I met South Carolina Lieutenant Governor André Bauer one night at the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center. I spoke to Lt. Governor Bauer for less than five minutes, yet from those five minutes I was able to gain two separate internships, and am currently an intern in his office, doing what I love, helping constituents, not cutting them off, or slamming a door in their face.
Besides my work and extracurricular experiences, my academic career as a History major has truly flourished even though my GPA could be higher. I have developed my writing, analytical, and organizational skills, all of which will help make me an excellent law student. Last year I worked on an Oral History research project of the Olympia Mills Community and Olympia High School. I did extensive research on the community and conducted an in depth interview with one of its inhabitants. I applied the knowledge I gained from interviewing the man to my research in order to solidify my thesis and presentation. This skill will be beneficial in instances such as taking depositions and applying the law to the testimonies for use in an argument while in court. From this I proved that I have many of the skills that an attorney must utilize while working on and presenting a case in front of a large audience.
My passion for achieving a legal education and ability to utilize my best qualities, and the skills that I have honed as an undergraduate history major will make me a great student of the law. My ability to conciliate the confidence of strangers in conjunction with my capability to discuss complex issues with authority figures affords me a unique opportunity to intercede on behalf of the misfortunate and ultimately achieve justice. However, without a Juris Doctorate I will lack the authority to do so. First, you must open the doors of XXXX law school to me.

Any thoughts? Input?

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