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As a first generation XXXXX, it has never been an easy task to get to this level of achievement. I am the first member of the XXX family to attend and graduate college. I’ve accomplished something that none of my family members have, nor did they have the opportunity to. That does not take away from what they’ve accomplished, for without their hard work and dedication, I would not have had these opportunities.
I’ve watched my parents worked seven days a week to pay down debts accumulated to become business owners. I’ve seen their tears of frustration when times were difficult. Times when they felt like an outsider living in a truly foreign land, struggling to create something of their own while supplying their two children with opportunities they never had. I’ve seen their tears of joy when they watched me graduate college. Their hard work and struggles have given me so much, but I believe that my goals have yet to be truly realized. My family’s struggles have turned my personal goals into an advocacy of those who, not unlike my parents, find themselves lost in translation. I’ve come to realize that there are too many people in this world who face struggles and simply do not know how to navigate through them. They need someone who shares an understanding of their difficulties to stand with them and guide them through troublesome times.
It has been 15 years since the darkest period of my family’s life that became a tipping point for the creation of my future. I will never forget the moment, seeing my parents cry together as they saw their fragile world crumbling around them. This led to a sense that taking my own life would be an easy way out. To put aside hard work and dedication needed to improve things and escape from the difficulties of life. This moment will be embedded in my memory forever. Through the manipulation and lies of a more experienced businessman, my family was forced to leave their business. A business they owned for over 20 years. They were led to believe that verbal agreements and hand shake contracts could protect their creation. This was not the case. The foundation of our family had crumbled through the cracks, a family of immigrants who came to America for a better life for their children were tossed aside for profit. Unable to afford an attorney, we were forced to give up the business without even being given the time to say goodbye. Like that, it was gone. In that moment, I went from defenseless to determined. I would to never let this happen again.
It would have been easy for anyone to inflict physical harm to those who would benefit from others losses. To take the pain by creating pain is the coward’s way out. I’ve channeled my anger and sadness into my studies, into my school work, and into my preparation to learn the rule of law. The law is not about fair or unfair but rather what is right and wrong. My mother, as resilient as she is, taught me that the only way to fight fire is with fire; that the only way to fight these injustices is to bring justice into court. Even with the little English that she knew, and even though she had lost so much, she understood that a path of law would help bring injustices to light and that those with little could feel empowered to stand up.
During my time interning at the XXXX Court, I’ve seen the same tears and frustrations that my family had experienced. I’ve seen so many families like my own manipulated by false promises. These families believed that the rule of law promised them a brighter future, only to have their dreams shattered.
One family had started a restaurant business and found themselves in a similar predicament that my family found themselves in 15 years ago. Unaware of what her duties and what their rights were, they found themselves out of the business after only six months due to a lack of understanding of contract law and trust in those who looked only to take advantage of their ignorance. The tears and appeal for justice fell upon deaf ears. Unable to help them, I sympathized with the family promising that it will get better, knowing from personal experience that it is possible to overcome these dark times.
As society changes, so must the law. We have reached a point in which immigrants and minorities are growing in numbers daily and will eventually become the majority. The law must be structured to create the greatest possible utility in which the ones without a voice must be included. Like any reform made throughout the history of our nation, new, more efficient, laws will ultimately improve our society in the long-term.
My true goal has yet to be realized. There are still injustices in this world that most pay no attention to. It’s the experience of my family and the experience of so many others that drive me to public interest and immigration law. My own experiences have driven me to my legal internship experiences and to take political science classes. I am enlightened to the fact that there are still those who struggle to fight cases without representation and those who do not truly understand the repercussions of a misunderstanding of the law. It has not been a hope but rather sheer determination which drives me to become a lawyer who will stand up for these people. My diversity of experiences will ensure that true understanding and emotional attachment will transpire to create a better future with those who feel they have none.


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you need to read this over yourself. ten times. make corrections. then post it back up for edits.

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