Day 1 - Darf 1 - PLEASE HELP

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Day 1 - Darf 1 - PLEASE HELP

Postby WDwheatley » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:14 pm

Ok so heres what I got so far... please be honest!

Personal Statement:

"We search for moments that capture the defining spirits in our lives, moments that define who we are as individuals."

My decision to apply to law school is one that is not deeply rooted in childhood fantasy nor has ever been long time a goal of mine. The aspiration to further my education and dedicate my life to becoming an advocate for those without a voice has only recently become a desire of mine and that desire burns fierce in my heart.
Throughout people’s lives there will come a time, an explicit event that will forever alter their lives’. During one unforgettable August night before my junior year of college I experienced such a moment. Over the course of my life I have witnessed the socking divorce of my parents, lived abroad, traveled the world, been in love, been rejected, and have experienced loss. However, it was during this night, from what I would experience that has had the greatest impact on my life.
“He’s dead, Jacob is dead,” I heard a close friend of mine screaming from the living room of Jacobs’s apartment. Time stops in moments like these. Most people panic, scream, or even freeze, not me. It only took a matter of seconds before I was standing over Jacob, (we would later learn was suffering from a deadly combination of drugs in his system) as if I had practiced for this very moment. As Jacob laid there fighting for his life, I listened, trying not to panic, as the emergency dispatcher gave me directions. “Help is on the way,” she kept screaming as panic in the room grew loaded and loader with each essential second. I knelt beside him doing everything the dispatcher told me to do. I remember vividly the moment his eyes began to close. Eyes once full with the light of life, where barely lit now. I began screaming at him, holding back tears and trying to stay poised, I dug my fist into his sternum and ground as hard as I could, his eyes opened instantly. The paramedics would eventually arrive with the proper equipment to sustain Jacob’s live and transport him to the UCLA Medical Center where he would get another chance at life.
I was deeply traumatized by what happened to Jacob. Like a broken record, the image of my friend dyeing in my arms played over and over in my mind. For the next few weeks, I would suffer from severe posttraumatic stress, constantly thinking I to was going to die just like Jacob almost did. It took weeks of intense mental therapy; three visits to the emergency room and countless hours of mediation before I finally realized that my life had just began.
Each experience possesses a unique opportunity. With each opportunity our character, our personality, and perseverance further develops away from the abstract, defining who we are as individuals.

[conclusion – tie this event to why I want to become a lawyer, why I want to help others legally who deserve a 2nd chance, etc]

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