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As a first generation Korean-American, it has never been an easy task to get to the point I’ve achieved through the years. As a first XXX family member to actually attend and graduate college, I’ve had the sense of achievement that none of my family members have had nor had they the ability to better themselves on an academic standing. That does not take away from what they’ve achieved. From nothing, you can learn everything. From the days of working seven days a week to make up for debt, to the tears of frustration that the world is not fair, through the glory of graduating and seeing my parents cry to the sense of accomplishment has been a life story that has continually added to my life and I sense that it has yet to be realized. Through these experiences, I’ve become to realize that the world is too small yet the problems too big that someone has to have the ability to fight through the system and defend those that are incapable of defending themselves. It seems that it was a life chosen for me rather than a choice of my own.
It has been almost 15 years since the day where my personal experience became a cry for the creation of my future. You can never forget a moment where you parents cry together to where frustration has led to the sense that taking your own life is an easy way out, to drop all the hard work and dedication to one last moment where all the pain would seem to go away. This moment has been embedded in my memory forever. It seems that through the manipulation and lies, my parents were forced to leave their business and to search for a new one. It had been the verbal agreements which turned out to be false and the once foundation of our family had crumbled through the cracks of corporate landowners who believed that actions dealt forth to these “immigrants” would be for the betterment of their business and no repercussions would occur. As we were forced out, I’ve become determined to never letting this happen again.
It would have been easy for anyone to inflict physical harm to those who would benefit from others loss. To take the pain by creating pain is the coward’s way out. Through this, I’ve channeled that anger and instead prepared my life for the way of law. The law is not about fair or unfair but rather what is right and wrong. My mother, as resilient as she is, taught me that the only way to fight fire is with fire. The only way to fight these injustices is to bring justice into court. Even with the little English that she knew, she understood that a path of law could help bring injustices to light and that those with little might have some power to fight back.
I’ve realized how vast the treatment of immigrants has become unjust. I’ve seen the same tears and frustrations that my family has experienced during my time at the XXXX civil Supreme Court. It was then where I’ve seen the manipulation and unwariness of these victims to the laws that were once promised but seem broken. A family had started a restaurant in a business where only a verbal contract was given. Unaware of what her duties and rights were, they found themselves out of the business after only six months. The tears and appeal for justice was found upon deaf ears. The law had sided again to the manipulators, and unable to help I sympathized with the family promising that it will get better.
I understand that my true sense of achievement has yet to be realized. That there is still injustices in this world that most are afraid to take upon the task due to the lack of understanding or afraid of the repercussions. It has taken me to the path of public interest or civil law. Through my legal internship experience I’ve become more enlightened at the fact that there are still those with no representation and that law fees are a sacrifice to those who must give up dinner in order to fight injustices. It has not been a hope but rather sheer determination for me to become that lawyer who will stand up. My diversity of experiences will ensure that true understanding and emotional attachment will transpire to create a better future with those with none.

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