FSU CoL Housing: COLLEGEWOOD & Phoenix Management

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FSU CoL Housing: COLLEGEWOOD & Phoenix Management

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:x I moved into this apartment for the location, even though it was more dilapidated than I would have liked and it had a wall air condition unit that was unable to cool the apartment effectively at all. I quickly realized the location was not worth it when I started getting my electric bills that often exceeded $150 (making my rent + utilities = over $700/month), despite there being no washer and dryer, no dishwasher, and extremely ineffective air conditioning. The biggest hit, however, came at move out when the office stuck me with $565 in move-out charges. I'm a girl and I was very clean in my apartment, even covering up the carpet with area rugs to prevent wear. I never had parties at my apartment and I kept it very tidy. The breakdown of the $565 was $75 for carpet cleaning, $75 for "trash removal," $75 for cleaning service, $200 for "vinyl repair," and various other charges. When I inquired about what "vinyl repair" meant, management told me that this was to replace my kitchen and bathroom floors. Keep in mind that this apartment building is over 30 years old and was in mediocre condition when I moved in. When I contested the charges, they told me that I should have said my vinyl was old on my move-in inventory. DO NOT EXPECT TO GET BACK YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT and expect to be charged on top of your security deposit if you live here. Management makes up bogus charges basically to get residents who are moving out to pay for renovations to these dated units. Management does not account for normal wear and tear and will charge you exorbitant fees for cleaning at move-out. When I inquired about trash removal, I was told that this charge existed because I had left a few pennies laying around and some pieces of confetti (REALLY worth $75?? on top of all the other cleaning fees??). If for some ungodly reason you chose to live here anyway, MAKE SURE you write down that EVERYTHING is damaged on your move-in inventory or you will surely be charged for it when you move out. At the very least, describe EVERYTHING in the apartment as "old" or "damaged," or else management will try to sucker you out of huge sums of money at move-out. E-mail me with any questions and concerns, I'd be glad to share more of my story.

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