Negotiating Scholarship for UGA

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Negotiating Scholarship for UGA

Postby KtLaw747 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:47 am

I need some advice for negotiating a scholarship for UGA. Granted I'm a late applicant (well technically applied in Nov but retook the LSAT in Feb), but I expected something with their offer. Here's what I have so far:

1. GSU: $5K for the first year, Graduate Research assistantship with full tuition reduction years 2-3 and $2K per semester stipend. Maintain 2.5 GPA - I can handle this.

2. Emory: $63K schools, no stips

3. W&M: $48K, no stips

4. Penn State (safety): Full ride

5. GWU: Just got acceptance email, more info to come via snail mail apparently.

6. Pending at Vandy, UA and BU. <-- yes I know these don't mean squat until offers are in hand

My original plan was to leverage these offers, particularly GSU since UGA always comes back with, "we are less expensive than school X", however I can't even seem to get an email response. Anyone think approaching admissions at ASD this Saturday is a bad idea? Any help would be appreciated.

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