Clinging to Vanderbilt hope, Insights appreciated.

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Clinging to Vanderbilt hope, Insights appreciated.

Postby charlee4614 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:46 pm

I submitted an App for Vanderbilt around December 10th. Around December 29th I submitted their optional, supplemental essay packet for full ride scholarship consideration. I was very happy with my answers to the essay questions. Basically I relied heavily on my career in social work, specifically a mental health case manager for 50 individuals, with a mental health diagnosis (tough ass job btw). My numbers are 168 and 3.9. So far I have yet to hear back, and it has been close to two months. This wouldn't be too upsetting, accept I know people with similar numbers who applied around the same time and got accepted. With Vanderbilt informing the scholarship recipients "in mid-February", could this maybe mean that I may be in the running for the scholarship consideration??? And I might find out about scholarship and admittance at the same time? Sorry I'm trying to cling onto all hope. Thanks for insight!


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Re: Clinging to Vanderbilt hope, Insights appreciated.

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