Need Hazelwood Act and Scholarship info.

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Need Hazelwood Act and Scholarship info.

Postby Country » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:31 pm

Hello all, I’m posting the same thing in the Veterans forum. Just trying to get some solid info. I’m an veteran from Texas. I will have exhausted my G.I. Bill in May. I am eligible for the Hazelwood. I got admittance letters from University of Houston School of Law (tier 1) and Thurgood Marshall School of Law (tier 4). TMSL offered me a merit scholarship of $10K+ and the same each year if I remain in the top 10% of my class. I’m going to talk to them about removing the top 10 restriction and increasing it. I have not received a scholarship offer from U of H yet. I’m 99% positive I will go to U of H, but I have a family to support and me taking 3 years off to go to law school is dependent on my receiving a return check every semester to cover some of my expenses. How does it work in regards to the Hazelwood Act? If total cost is $40K, tuition is $20K (paid by Hazelwood) and then I get a $20K scholarship, does that mean that I will get the $20K returned back to me? And being a URM 34, 3.7 GPA, 153 LSAT, do I have any options in negotiating with UH since my LSAT score is below their average? Or do I just have to accept whatever they offer? I want to attend law school without having to worry about working, at least in my first year. If I do decide to go to UH regardless of what they offer me, what options do to I have and what can I expect to receive back in my pocket with using the Hazelwood plus loans? Basically I want to know al of my options for paying for law school and what can I expect to get back each semester. This will help me make my decision of whether to go to a top ranked school or settle for a lower ranked school. One last thing, let's say TMSL offers me a full cost scholarship, $38K with tuition and books taking $20K, will the reaming $18K go to me. Thanks!

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