LSAC Fee Waiver and Bank Account Info...

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LSAC Fee Waiver and Bank Account Info...

Postby Like_Spike » Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:48 pm

Hey everyone,

Applying for the LSAC Fee Waiver here and had a question. One of the pieces of information it asks is for the total balances of both my checking account and savings account while *excluding any proceeds I receive from my financial aid.* However, the thing is that I'm already in debt and that all the money that I make from my part-time job is more or less to slow my rate of debt/keep it to roughly the same amount or debt I'm in currently. So in a sense all of my money in both of my accounts is from financial aid.

Does that mean I should just list it as $0.00 for both categories? Will that raise a red flag/seem suspicious to them even though it's the truth?


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